27 Feb

We present TipsClaire

What is TipsClaire?

TipsClaire is a brand new app for Forex market and CFDs’ negotiation developed with our Artificial Intelligence system.
It is a powerful trading tool that screens and classifies millions of events every day in real time. It is constantly learning from the best market opportunities to make sure your trading is at the top.

How it works?

1.- Follow TipsClaire opportunities and select those that you want to trade.

2.- Open the trade in your tradign platform* and…

3.- Start winning money from today!

TipsClaire gives you all the information you need to operate the opportunities detected on currencies, indices or commodities in the Forex market: action (buy/sell), StopLoss and TakeProfit.

It is available for iOS and Android and you can access through website, so you can have all trading opportunities on your mobile devices and on your PC.

*User shall make the final decision on the action, opening trades manually in the selected trading platform.

All market opportunities on your smartphone



Explore all the investment opportunities comfortably from your smartphone, without having to perform complex market analysis, and with different quantitative trading strategies.


TipsClaire does all this for you, on a scale as only an artificial intelligence system can achieve.

Technology behind TipsClaire

As always since the beginning of our activity, innovation is our greatest challenge. We apply novel techniques such as artificial intelligence and automatic learning, as well as very different disciplines to achieve disruptive results.

The technology behind TipsClaire gives us the freedom to create and continually improve our platform, which we constantly do to ensure that your trade reaches the top.

Find out more about TipsClaire.

Request your 10 day trial.

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