Automatic Trading Systems for FOREX

Below is a list of new automated trading systems developed by FX Talentum for the FOREX market. Automatic quantitative trading systems are based on mathematical models and trading strategies. Our platforms are specialized in the foreign exchange market (FOREX).

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Trading tool – FX Spread

FX Spread is a platform that gives us a view of the relation between two assets.

It is based on “Pair trading” or “Market Neutral” strategy, that allows traders to benefit from the difference between two assets price while keeping neutral to market.

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Trading tool – FX Forces

FX Forces is a platform that gives us a view of the currencies’ strength.

It is based on the “Index FOREX” strategy that analyzes the strength of a reference currency in relation to all other currencies.

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Trading tool – FX Hedges

FX Hedges is a platform that gives us a view of average moving and deviation of multiple hedges.

It is based on the concept of hedging that consists in neutralizing the open positions by “balancing” all assets.

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